Faculty of Alliance College and Engineering Design

Dr. Ullas Gurudas

Chair – Research, Grants and Funded Projects - Alliance College of Engineering and Design


Dr. Ullas Gurudas teaches Engineering Physics, Electromagnetic Theory and related subjects to the Engineering graduates. He is workaholic, has a passion for teaching and believes that one cannot be a good teacher without being a good researcher. He has many years of teaching and research experience in India and abroad. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Science, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan and Rutgers University, NJ, USA, Visiting Scientist to Princeton University, NJ, USA and Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland and Research Scientist, New York University, NY, USA. Prior to moving to the USA, he was an Assistant Professor at the Center for Laser Spectroscopy, MAHE, Manipal, where he developed an interest in the applications of Laser Spectroscopy in Medicine. He has published many research articles in leading scientific journals. Prof. Ullas holds an Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees in Physics from Kerala University and a Doctoral Degree in Physics (Laser Spectroscopy) from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India.

His research areas are Laser Physics, Laser Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Optics, Nonlinear Optics, and Nanophotonics.


Research Paper Publications

  1. ‘Laser Raman spectroscopy: A novel diagnostic tool for oral cancer’, in Orofac Sci, 15, 3, 2011, with N S Sunder, N N Rao, V B Kartha, and J Kurien
  2. ‘An experimental investigation of inhomogeneities in resonantinfrared matrix-assisted pulsed-laser deposited thin polymer films’, in Appl. Phys A: Materials Science & Processing, 100, 523, 2010, with Daniel M. Bubb, Jeff Corgan, SunYong Yi, Mishae Khan, Leon Hughes, Michael Papantonakis and R. Andrew McGill
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  4. ‘Saturable and Reverse Saturable Absorption in Silver Nanodots at 532 nm using Picosecond Laser Pulses’, in         Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science, Vol. 7 issue 11, 2008,with Elijah Brooks, Daniel M. Bubb, Sebastian Heiroth, Thomas Lippert and Alexander Wokaun
  5. ‘Saturable and Reverse Saturable Absorption in Silver Nanodots at 532 nm using Picosecond Laser Pulses’, in         Appl. Phys. 104, 073107, with Elijah Brooks, Daniel M. Bubb, Sebastian Heiroth, Thomas Lippert, and Alexander Wokaun
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Research Projects & Consulting

  1. ‘Development of a Prototype Photoacoustic Breath Analyzer for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer’, ongoing research project sponsored by VGST, Government of Karnataka, received a grant of Rs. 40,000 
  2. ‘Quantum Cascade Laser Based Breath Analyzer for Medical Diagnosis and Environmental Monitoring’, ongoing research project sponsored by VGST, Government of Karnataka, received a grant of Rs. 20,00,000
  3. ‘Development of a Noninvasive Continuous Photoacoustic Monitor of Total Hemoglobin Concentration’, ongoing research project sponsored by VGST, Government of Karnataka, received a grant of Rs. 30,000, completed in July, 2015
  4. ‘Development of a Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitor Using Photoacoustic Technique’, ongoing research project sponsored by VGST, Government of Karnataka, received a grant of Rs. 40,000, completed in June, 2013