Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

M. Tech. Program in "Power and Energy System"


Course Structure:

Semester I

  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Technology
  • Program Elective I
  • Program Elective II
  • Program Elective III
  • Power System Simulation Lab
  • Power Electronics Converter Lab

Semester II

  • Sustainable Development and Green Technology
  • Optimization Techniques
  • Program Elective IV
  • Program Elective V
  • Mini Project with seminar
  • Optimization Lab
  • Energy Lab

Semester III

  • Dissertation I / Industrial Project

Semester IV

  • Dissertation II

List of Program Electives:

Program Elective I

  • Smart and Micro-grid
  • Power Quality and FACTS
  • Energy Conversion and Management

Program Elective II

  • Electric Drives and Control
  • Waste to Energy
  • Power System Planning, Operation and Control

Program Elective III

  • Energy Audit and Demand Side Management
  • Solar Energy Engineering
  • Electric Vehicle Technology

Program Elective IV

  • Wind Energy Technology
  • Energy Scenario and Energy Forms
  • Grid Integration of Renewable Energy

Program Elective V

  • Bio Energy Conversion
  • Energy Storage Technologies
  • Principles of Management