Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

M. Tech. Program in "VLSI and Embedded System Design"


Course Structure:

Semester I

  • Program Core I: VLSI Design Techniques
  • Program Core II: Low Power VLSI
  • Program Elective I:
  • Program Elective II:
  • Program Elective III:
  • Laboratory I: VLSI Design Lab - I
  • Laboratory II: VLSI Design Lab - II

Semester II

  • Program Core III: Microcontrollers & Real Time Operating Systems for Embedded System Design
  • Program Core IV: Advanced Digital Signal Processing & Processors
  • Program Elective IV:
  • Program Elective V:
  • Mini Project with seminar
  • Laboratory I: Embedded System Lab - I
  • Laboratory II: Embedded System Lab - II

Semester III

  • Dissertation I / Industrial Project

Semester IV

  • Dissertation II

List of Program Electives:

Program Elective I

  • VLSI Signal Processing
  • CPLD and FPGA Architectures and Applications
  • ASCI Design
  • VLSI Technology

Program Elective II

  • Advanced Digital System Design
  • Semiconductor Device Modeling
  • RF CMOS IC Design
  • Mixed Signal VLSI Design

Program Elective III

  • CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design
  • Testing and Verification of VLSI
  • Applied Algorithms for VLSI CAD
  • Physical Design

Program Elective IV

  • Embedded system for Wireless & Mobile communication
  • Biomedical Embedded Systems
  • Robotics

Program Elective V

  • Hardware Software Co-Design
  • Image Processing and Cryptography
  • Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility in System Design