Alliance College of Engineering and Design
win prizes at ROBO-ZEST’14, IIT-Bombay

First Prize - “OPEN EVENT” and Third Prize - “CLOSED EVENT”

Sohith Reddy  |  Manoj Reddy  |  Vivek Bengre  |  Varun A.V  |  Teja Reddy  |  Swatish Noola  |  Purushothaman. C

Students of Alliance College of Engineering and Design, Alliance University won attractive cash prizes at the recently concluded ROBO-ZEST’14—the prestigious national-level, robotics championship held at Aakar’14, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Students’ participation in ROBO-ZEST’14 helped to build in them significant engineering acumen, a better understanding of artificial intelligence and software design in robots, and embedded systems in robotics technology.