B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering

Graduates in mechanical engineering are adept at designing innovations and technological advancements in the high technology areas of mechanical systems, robotics, nanotechnology and mechatronics, and are renowned for their generalist engineering expertise. Choosing and pursuing a degree course in mechanical engineering—one of the oldest and broadest engineering branches—provides graduates with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and expertise that can be applied to the various branches of engineering. At the Alliance College of Engineering and Design, the B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering degree is crafted with a high emphasis on the design aspects of mechanical engineering: tool and die design, industrial robotics, gears and cams as well as oil hydraulics and pneumatics.

Course Matrix

Physics Cycle Chemistry Cycle
Engineering Mathematics I/II Engineering Mathematics I/II
Basics of Mechanical Engineering Engineering Graphics
Foundations of Computing Basics of Electrical Engineering
Engineering Physics - I Engineering Chemistry
Basics of Civil Engineering Engineering Physics - II
Environmental Engineering Basics of Electronics Engineering
Foundations of Computing Laboratory Technical English
Engineering Physics Laboratory Engineering Chemistry Laboratory
Basic Engineering Workshop Electrical and Electronics Laboratory
Engineering Mathematics III
Object Technology
System Analysis and Design
Computer Organization and Architecture
Design of Digital Systems
Data Structures
Data Structures and OOPS Laboratory
Digital Systems Laboratory
Design Engineering – I
Engineering Mathematics IV
Unix Programming
Microprocessors and Interfacing
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Principles of Data Communication
Computer Graphics
Microprocessors Laboratory
Computer Graphics Laboratory
Design Engineering – II
Theory of Computation
Operating Systems
Database Systems
Systems Programming
Computer Networks
Elective I
Computer Networks Laboratory
Database Systems Laboratory
Design Engineering – III
Compiler Design
Software Engineering
Java Programming
Distributed Computing Systems
Elective II
Elective III
Compiler Design Laboratory
Java Programming Laboratory
Design Engineering – IV
Internet Applications Design
Fault Tolerant Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Elective IV
Elective V
Internet Applications Design Laboratory
Minor Elective
Elective VI
Elective VII
Elective VIII
Project Work
Minor Elective


Note: An elective subject is offered in the B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering course only if a minimum number of students enroll in it.