Faculty Profile



Associate Professor, Alliance College of Engineering and Design


Dr. P. Mano Paul is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Technology, Alliance College of Engineering and Design, Alliance University, Bangalore, Karnataka. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Noorul Islam College of Engineering, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tamil Nadu in 2002 and obtained his Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University in 2005. He Completed his Doctor of Philosophy from Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu in 2018.

Dr. P. Mano Paul also has 15 years of work experience in Engineering Colleges and Universities in India. He has presented and published papers in national and international conferences. He has published eight international journals and four conference publications, attended several workshops, FDP’s and seminars during his career. His research interests include Cyber security, Computer Networks, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data Analytics and Security Algorithms.


Research Paper Publications

  • J. Daniel Francis Selvaraj, P. Mano Paul and I. Diana Jeba Jingle, “Automatic Wireless Water Management System for Smart Vineyard Irrigation using IoT Technology”, International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography, ISSN 0973-2667, Volume 13, Number 1(2019), pp. 211-218 (Web of Science indexed), June 2019
  • J. Daniel Francis Selvaraj, I. Diana Jeba Jingle, P. Mano Paul, EShield: An effective Detection and Mitigation of flooding in DDoS Attacks over large scale networks, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), ISSN: 2249-8958, Volume-8 Issue-5, June 2019
  • Mano Paul P and Diana Jeba Jingle I, “A novel Optimal Email Feature Selection Protocol (OEFS) for Detecting Spam Emails”, International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering, UGC Approved Journal, DOI:   https://doi.org/10.26438/ijcse/v7si16.3439, Vol.07 , Special Issue.16 , pp.34-39, May-2019.
  • P. Mano Paul and R. Ravi, “Cooperative Vector Based Reactive System For Protecting Email Against Spammers in Wireless Networks”, Journal of Electrical Engineering, Annexure I, Edition 4, Volume 18, ISSN: 1582-4594, University Politechnica, Timisoara, Romania, Faculty of Electrical and Power Engineering, December 2018.
  • P. Mano Paul and R. Ravi, “A Collaborative Reputation-based Vector Space Model for Email Spam Filtering”, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, Vol. 15, No.2, Pages 474-479,doi.org/10.1166/jctn.2018.7128, American Scientific Publishers(Scopus Indexed),February 2018,
  • P. Mano Paul, Dr. R. Ravi, “A novel Email Spam Detection protocol for next generation networks” Taga Journal of Graphic Technology, Technical Association of the Graphic Arts, Annexure I, Vol.14, Swansea Printing Technology Ltd, Pages 124-133,February2018.
  • Patric Ezhil Raj, P. Mano Paul, “Secure Information Brokering System with privacy preserving Capabilities”, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology., Vol.3, Is.2, Feb-2014. (Google Scholar)
  • I. Diana Jeba Jingle, Elijah Blessing, P. Mano Paul, “Distributed Detection of DoS Using Clock Values in Wireless Broadband Networks”, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), ISSN: 2249 – 8958, Volume-1, Issue-5, June 2012.

Research Papers Presented/Published in the Conference Proceedings

  • Mano Paul P and Diana Jeba Jingle I, “A novel Optimal Email Feature Selection Protocol (OEFS) for Detecting Spam Emails”, National Conference on Cognitive Computing, Presidency University, 26th and 27th April 2019.
  • P. Mano Paul, Dr. R. Ravi, “An Enhanced Approach for Privatized Spam Filtering Techniques in Cloud Networks”, National Conf. on Emerging Trends in Applications of Computing, FX Engineering College, 1st Mar 2014
  • P. Mano Paul, Dr. R. S. Rajesh, “A Comparative Analysis of wavelet based Image Compression”, An UGC Sponsored  National Conference On Computer Science and Informatics held in St. Joseph’s College at Trichy on 18th – 19th February 2005
  • P. Mano Paul, Dr. R. S. Rajesh, “Image Compression using Daubechies Wavelet”, An UGC Sponsored National Conference on Biometrics held in Erode Arts College at Erode on 28th – 29th January 2005