Faculty Profile

Vijaya  Kumar Cheeda

Dr. Vijaya Kumar Cheeda

Assistant Professor, Alliance College of Engineering and Design


Dr. Vijaya Kumar earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Madras and Master’s degree in Internal Combustion Engineering from Guindy Engineering College (CEG) Chennai. He  started his research career at CEG through a project work titled ‘Heat Recovery System for a Vintage Turbo Shaft Engine Used in Helicopter. The upshot of the research was appreciated by the engine producer and received positive comments from the international journal forum.

He has obtained a doctoral degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Madras on high speed flow and shock waves; the study was intended to optimize the future high speed aircraft and rocket engines. This project outcomes were submitted to the Armament Research Board. He has worked for MITS Madanapalle and SVEC before joining Alliance University.

He is currently working on different research areas, one being fire safety in food process industries. It is gaining importance since milled grain dust can trigger explosions with a mild ignition source from the surroundings. Major accidents like Washburn ‘A’ Mill disaster, Imperial Sugar explosion which led to a  great loss of life are examples. Careful design of grain dust conveyors and storage buildings could minimize such accidents. Apart from this study, he is also working on developing a detonation system to drive the power shaft (propulsion) using industrial and agriculture surplus.

He has published papers in journals and participated in national and international conferences.

Research interests: 
Detonation wave engines (pulsed and continuous), Fire safety and detonation controllers, I C engines, Gaseous and Dust explosions.

Teaching interests:
Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Turbo Machines, Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Gas dynamics, Rocket technology, Combustion fundamentals.

Papers published in International Journals: 

  • Vijaya Kumar Cheeda, Amit Kumar, and Ramamurthi, Influence of Height of Confined Space on Explosion Safety, Fire Safety Journal, 76, 31-38.
  • Vijaya Kumar Cheeda, Amit Kumar, and Ramamurthi, K, Influence of Shear Layers on the Structure of Shocks formed by Rectangular and Parabolic Blockages placed in a Subsonic Flow-Field, Journal of Shock Waves, 24, 157-169.
  • Vijaya Kumar Cheeda, R. Vinod Kumar and G. Nagarajan, Design and CFD Analysis of a Regenerator for a Turbo shaft Helicopter Engine, Journal of Aerospace Science and Technology, Volume 12, Issue 7, October 2008, 524–534.

Conferences attended:

  • Vijaya Kumar Cheeda, Amit Kumar, K. Ramamurthi, Role of Duct Height on the Formation of Shock Waves from Rectangular Blockages of Low Blockage Ratio in High Subsonic Flow Field, NPC 2013, IIT Madras, Chennai, India.
  • Vijaya Kumar Cheeda, Amit Kumar, K. Ramamurthi, On the Sizing of Obstacles in Confined and Partially Confined Geometries to Avoid Catastrophic Explosions, ICS 2012, IIT Gandhinagar, India.
  • Vijaya Kumar Cheeda, Amit Kumar, K. Ramamurthi, Role of Blockages in Flame to Detonation Transition, 8th International High Energy Materials Conference &Exhibit (HEMCE-2011), Chandigarh, India.