Faculty Profile

Mahantesh N. B.

Prof. Mahantesh N. B.

Associate Professor, Alliance College of Engineering and Design


Professor Mahantesh is an alumnus of Karnataka University. He holds an M.Tech in Structural Engineering. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree from VTU. He has over a decade of industry experience and twenty years of experience in academics. His research interests include Alternate Concrete Technology and Tall Building Design Challenges.


Research Paper Publications

  1. ‘Comparative Study of Pentagrid  and Hexagrid Structural system for Tall Building’, in Journal of Civil Engineering & Environmental  Technology, July 2014
  2. ‘Study on Flexural behaviour of Fly Ash Based Reinforced Rectangular Geopolymer Concrete Slabs’, International Journal of  Engineering Research & Technology, September 2015
  3. ‘Influence of  Ambient Curing on Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete Structural Elements’, International Journal of  Engineering Trends and Technology, October 2015

Research Papers Presented/Published as Conference Proceedings

  1.  ‘Comparative Study of Pentagrid  and Hexagrid Structural system for Tall Building’, presented in International Conference on Advances in Architecture, Urban Planning, Material Engineering and Civil/Engineering Dynamics AUPMECED 2014, July  2014 organised by Social Welfare Foundation in Association with Krishi Sanskriti - JNU- New Delhi

Research Projects & Consulting

  1. ‘Modernization of Laboratory’, AICTE funded laboratory upgradation under MODROB scheme, AICTE Grants of 10 Lakh Rs During 1999.